CAPECE GIOIELLIERI aquamarine ring
CAPECE GIOIELLIERI aquamarine ring
CAPECE GIOIELLIERI aquamarine ring

CAPECE GIOIELLIERI aquamarine ring

Ring made of white gold with aquamarine and an outline of diamonds and sapphires, a chromatic choice designed to enhance the beauty of these splendid gems in a modern design that looks to the classic in shapes and composition.

18kt white gold

Natural aquamarine ct. 3.58

Round brilliant cut diamonds ct. 0.79 color F

Round brilliant cut sapphires ct. 1.61

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CAPECE GIOIELLIERI aquamarine ring (ref. 020835)

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18kt gold. White
White diamonds

Over 40 years of commitment and passion. Over 40 years of creations and partnerships with the biggest names in Italian jewelry. The Capece family has always lived in symbiosis with the world of jewelry. Always attentive to style, quality and emotions that are hidden in every single joy. Gems, precious metals, their workmanship are the starting point for choosing and shaping unique objects. At the base of everything is the awareness that only passion and in-depth knowledge of the subject can nourish the relationship between jeweler and customer. Availability and commitment to best interpret the wishes and mark the unique moments to which the jewels are dedicated.

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